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Home Based presents SOLINE: a vocal assistant that allows people with reduced mobility or having difficulties in handling everyday objects (remote controls, telephone, etc.) to regain some autonomy.


Soline Mobile

Specifically designed for institutions, Soline Mobile can be moved from room to room.

It includes all the features of Soline Cube plus a tablet (to display the visual interface and a voice-controlled internet browser), an eye-controller and a switch on a flexible arm.

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A flexible virtual caregiver

Soline helps people with loss of autonomy in everyday life and relieves family caregivers.

Suitable both at home and in an institution, Soline enables a person in loss of autonomy to control his home devices (such as TV, telephone, lighting, a motorised bed, etc.) using an interaction mode fitting his abilities.

  • 10 combinable interaction modes (voice, eye control, switches, etc.)
  • Designed specifically for people with loss of autonomy
    • Difficulties of movement
    • Difficulties of gripping
    • Impaired vision
    • Communication difficulties
  • Operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week wherever you are: in bed, in the armchair, in the electronic chair, etc.


Soline helps you control

Television and TV box

Control of channels, volume, decoder/box or TV menus, recordings, etc.

Soline, turn on BBC1


Dialing, receiving calls, phonebook, voicemail, etc.

Soline, call my brother

Tele-assistance or nurse call

Call to a helpline or to the nurses' bureau in one sentence or action.

Soline, call for help!

Radio programs

Listen to your favourite radio programmes via internet streaming.

Soline, turn on Radio 1


Playback of mp3 on USB key. Voice recognition of artists, albums and titles.

Soline, I want to listen to Amy McDonald

Audio books

Playback of audio books in mp3 format on USB key. Voice recognition of titles and authors.

Soline, read me The Lord Of The Rings

Internet surfing by voice

Internet browsing, access to search engines, social networks, audio and video streaming services, email composition, etc.

Soline, find the tandoori chicken recipe on the internet.

Computer voice control

Voice control of mouse and keyboard, use of software, dictation of text, etc.

Soline, put the text in bold

Means of interaction

Visual interface

Fully customisable, the visual interface is the common basis for interaction means other than voice. It can be displayed on any type of screen (tablet, smartphone, computer, TV) and can be controlled by

  • One or more switches
  • A computer mouse
  • A device replacing the mouse (joystick of an electronic chair, etc.)
  • Eye-control (an optional "autoclick" mode allows you to validate a command without a switch)
  • Infrared remotes (remote controls, Magic Drive, BJ Adaptaciones, ...)
  • Touch (requires a touch screen)
  • Gestures (requires a gesture detector)
  • A communication aid software (Mind Express, etc.)
  • Electrical or home automation installation (push buttons/switches, etc.)
Soline enunciates the various actions of the interface. Depending on the case, this allows to use the interface without a screen, just by hearing the actions.

Why choose Soline

The strengths of Soline

Adapted to your abilities

Soline has 10 different means of interaction that can all be active at the same time. In agreement with you, your occupational therapist and your entourage, we will suggest the most suitable ones.


Soline does not require any special training. Within minutes you will understand how to use it. In voice mode, address her in a natural way as if she were a real person. She will quickly make you forget that she's only a machine.


Soline's multiple means of interaction enables adaptation to the evolution of your disability and to your abilities over the course of the day or over the years.


Soline easily accommodates new features, even after its initial installation. A new DVD player? The installation of air conditioning? Have Soline adapted to help you control them!


Soline in institutions and at home

Soline Mobile

Soline Mobile and Soline Cube

Soline is available in two versions.

Soline Mobile is a trolley mounted on wheels and is designed for use in institutions.

Soline Cube is not movable, but is designed to be used at home.

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Soline Cube


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